How many people are entering your store?

Measuring your online traffic is possible, so it's for your physical store.

Give your store the ability to speak

Your store can tell you if your marketing efforts are working

How it works

Remoti makes possible to track marketing results in offline environments with the same ease it’s done online.

Sensors installation

Once we know your needs, we’ll send you the sensors you can easily install following our recommendations.

Watch the data in an app

Once installed, the sensors will send the data to the Internet, which you can visualize through a user-friendly web application.

Get custom reports

We will send you periodic reports with actionable insights based  on the data gathered by the sensors to optimize your marketing efforts


People counters have existed for a while. However, marketing departments struggle to make sense of the data they’re getting with them.

We’re connecting people counters to the internet in order to send their data in real-time so you can visualize through an application that lets you:

  • Customize visualizations
  • Export data to Google spreadsheets
  • Create email/SMS alerts based on data behavior.
  • Get access anytime from any device.
  • Manage users to allow different access levels to the data
  • Share and integrate data to other systems for further analytics.

Why people counters work for marketing?

  • Determining traffic flows: understand how people traffic behaves inside your store
  • Identifying a conversion rate from visitors to actual purchases:  you can measure and break down  out-store and in-store marketing effectiveness.
  • Better allocation of resources: identify the best months, weeks, days and hours to distribute promotional activities and staff.
  • Measure the impact of events and BTL activities: how many people are you actually reaching in your events?
  • Identify high-traffic placements: determine the real potential of people traffic for allocating your new stores.

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